Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Clarioninn Hudson

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How an Online Apartment Application Form Helps Landlords

3 min read
Whether you are a property owner, landlord or building manager, keeping occupancies high with quality tenants is always an overarching goal.  In today’s fast-paced world, an online apartment application form can certainly assist in this endeavor.  When it comes to renting out apartments, there is always a good deal of information to collect before committing to a tenant and this is exactly why an online apartment application form can be indispensable.  As you will see in this article, the use of an online apartment application form can improve rental efficiency, obtain more and better rental applicants, and keep you and your rental business better organized overall.
When you are first searching for new tenants for a vacancy in your building, you will no doubt find yourself hosting open houses, offering tours and answering a multitude of questions so that tenants can decide if your apartment is the right fit for them.  In addition to this, however, you will want to know if the tenant is the right fit for you and so will have interested parties complete an application so that you can gather the necessary screening information including employment status, income, and a credit check consent.  If you move the application process online and begin to utilize an online apartment application form, you will find that the screening process becomes instantly more efficient.  You will be able to sort by income and quickly scan applications in one place, saving you and your managing employees valuable time.

When you begin to use an online apartment application form, you will also find that the volume of applicants increases.  This is because, even though the rental process is time consuming and at times stressful for landlords, it is even more so for prospective, apartment hunting tenants.  By using an easily accessible online application for apartment rentals, tenants will be able to quickly transfer information to you without the hassle of coming back by the building to drop off an application or even resorting to the notoriously unreliable postal service.  This benefits you as the building owner because more tenants to choose from means that you will be more likely to find the perfect tenant to fill your vacancy.

Finally, employing an online apartment application form as a standard practice means that you and your building managers can keep your records organized much more effectively.  It is too easy to let stacks of rental applications pile up and get lost in what seems like an unending shuffle.  However, an online form stays discreet and easily accessible on your computer hard drive where you can find it at any time.  This is useful both during the rental process, when you may find yourself needing to contact a potential tenant and after, when you may need information about the former address or an emergency contact number.  It has been proven that well-organized businesses where information is highly accessible are more profitable than disorganized outfits.

There is no doubt that you use the internet to your advantage nearly every day, for both personal and professional reasons.  But you may be overdue for using it to help you rent your vacant apartments efficiently and effectively by utilizing an online apartment application form.