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Landlord Tips: Advertise Your Apartments Online

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Landlord Tips

Finding new tenants to rent to is one of the most difficult tasks that landlords face. It is absolutely essential to the business, but sometimes, especially in the offseason, finding renters can be terribly hard.

Nowadays, finding tenants to rent is made much easier by the Internet. In the past landlords had to fight tooth and nail to capture the attention of prospective tenants by pounding the pavement, throwing up advertisements wherever possible, and paying hefty amounts of money for print advertisements in local newspapers and real estate magazines.

Because people spend so much time online these days, it is essential for landlords to utilize the Internet and all that it has to offer. Today, people looking for apartments rarely look in newspapers and magazines for listings. Instead, they log onto the Internet and perform quick searches for listings in their areas.

The best way to start advertising your apartments online is to take advantage of all of the free listing sites. As you probably know, Craigslist is prime among these. Millions of people visit Craigslist every day, and, while they all aren’t looking for apartments, you can be confident that a fair amount of them are.

The best thing about Craigslist is that it is absolutely free! When you need to rent out an apartment, make sure that you advertise on Craigslist. The site allows you to upload pictures of your units, list the rental price, and leave a short description. Don’t forget to include your contact information!

There are several other sites similar to Craigslist that are geared more towards real estate and rentals in particular. and are two of these sites and they also don’t charge any money for listings. In my experience, Craigslist has brought me the most responses/applicants, but it can’t hurt to advertise widely – especially when it doesn’t cost any money.

If you do have a little bit of money to spend on advertising or you need to rent your apartment quickly, then there are several popular websites that charge a small fee for listing rental units. More often than not, these are the websites that show up in Google searches when prospective tenants are searching for apartments. Because of this, advertising your apartments on them can pay off big time. and are two of the most popular and most successful of these “small-fee rental sites.”

Of course, old-fashioned print advertising can still pay off, but the Internet truly is a resource not to be shoved aside when you need to rent out an apartment. Landlords all over the world have experienced dramatic increases in apartment applicants just by placing advertisements for their rental units online. If you are a landlord, then you definitely need to consider placing apartment advertisements online.

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